Design di edifici a energia netta zero alla luce della Direttiva Europea 2010/31/CE (EPBD recast) sulla prestazione energetica nell'edilizia [GU europea del 18 giugno 2010 (L 153)]

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[automatically translated] This paper describes in detail the studies and activities carried out within the research project "Design of net zero energy buildings in the light of the European Directive 2010/31 / EC (EPBD Recast) on the energy performance of buildings OJ EU of 18 June 2010 (L153) ". The activity on the building subject of in-depth study, the Leaf House, was carried out under the different lines of research listed below: 1. Analysis of the existing building data, 2. Redesign of the existing building, 3 . Embodied energy of the existing building. 4. Participation in international working groups within the Task 40 IEA. The indicators developed during the work of the Task 40 have been applied to the case study Leaf House, proving its effectiveness in identifying and describing the mismatch problem. The deepening of the building as part of the redesign has allowed the estimation of substantial electricity savings if the plant and technological solutions were implemented. The LCA analysis allowed to estimate the Embodied Energy of the building-plant system. Will be presented in the following the results of each research field and the activities carried out and in progress as part of the collaboration with the IEA Task 40.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages18
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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