Dendrolatrie. Miti e pratiche dell'immaginario arboreo

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The advent of the Anthropoce, an era in which the human being has become a geological force, upsets the division of knowledge between the human and natural sciences. To understand this, it is necessary to build new forms of alliance between disciplines. This is what the phenomenon of dendrolatries also invites us to do. Widespread in every place and in every age, the cult of trees testifies how the arboreal world has shaped ways of living and thinking, being in turn transformed. To delve into the complexity of this exchange, the volume collects the fruits of the dialogue between an interdisciplinary group of researchers who explore the arboreal imaginary in three directions: that of studies on memory and contemporary heritage; that of anthropology and the history of ancient religions; and that of the aesthetic, Marxian and decolonial critique of cultural studies. In these studies, we do not find a forgotten nature that it is about rediscovering. Instead we find an assemblage of nature-cultures to rearticulate: while the ecological crisis erodes our certainties and the earth seems to slip away from under our feet, the trees, with their substratum of myths, memories, figurations and landscapes, help us to find a common thought.
Original languageItalian
PublisherEdizioni Museo Pasqualino
Number of pages226
ISBN (Print)978-88-97035-98-5
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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