Daude de Pradas (?), Belha m'es la votz autana (BdT 124.5)

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[automatically translated] The attribution of this poem the lyrical troubadour rouergate Daude de Pradas second the only bearer Occitan, which is the songbook C, was considered impossible or at least suspected by many scholars for the sole reason that his first verse is cited as "chançon auvrignace" within the Roman de la Rose (or Guillaume de Dole) attributable to Jean Renart and initially dated to the early years of the century. XIII. The chronological order, especially in light of the recent placement of poetic Daude between 1191 and 1242 (Wide), is still insufficient to settle the issue conferring. In this contribution - where it proposes an edition of the text formally more conservative than that of Appel (1890) reference so far, without translation or notes - are presented and discussed for the first time of codicological order data (sorting, and sources of the section Daude de Pradas in C), metric, stylistic and thematic and also musical, based on this notation in ms. W. This leads to the hypothesis that the well 124.5 song is the work of an author belonging to the genre of imitators Marcabru and therefore relatively old (the third quarter of sec. XII), putting aside the isolated attribution to Daude de Pradas.
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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