Dante “platonico” nella poesia di Lorenzo il Magnifico

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[automatically translated] The resumption of Dante's corpus in the Platonic sense, made by scholars of the fifteenth century, has one of its drivers in the Lorenzo de 'Medici. The Magnificent, who initially approaches the Comedy with ironic approach, comes soon - by Marsilio Ficino - a "high" opera that takes Heaven as a reference text. It seems interesting to note that the ideas in Dante Lorenzo move by the need to emphasize more philosophical models of Platonic mold, for example the pseudo-Dionysius; the Magnificent reworks steps carefully Dante mesmerized by works such as the celestial Hierarchies, in order, in my opinion, to support the claim of a "Platonic Dante" by underlining the direct link between the work Areopagite, and, specifically, the Paradise.
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Title of host publicationI cantieri dell'Italianistica. Ricerca, didattica e organizzazione agli inizi del XXI secolo. Atti del XVII congresso dell'ADI – Associazione degli Italianisti (Roma Sapienza, 18-21 settembre 2013)
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