DANIELE BARONI, Un oggetto chiamato libro. Breve trattato di cultura del progetto, Edizioni Sylvestre Bonnard, Milano 2009

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[automatically translated] Because today the traditional book could still have something to say, something that is worth reading there and nowhere else, in the most expeditious display that instantly meet our various desires with the simple stress of a click? The volume of Baroni deals with the subject-book far and wide: from his physical object, industrial product, the typeface that substantiates, with nods to the increasingly problematic classification of various characters; from the parts of which it is made, such as a cover or the editorial brand, trends that have determined the shape, up to its evolution in digital media, which distorts and therefore, can not be considered the book, strictly speaking, is not this discussion. The mollifying themes are: morphology of the book, the publishing art aesthetic value, the typefaces for the publishing industry, the publishing brand, the title, the cover, the paratext, editorial and typographical conventions standards, bookbinding and packaging design, paper (a valuable support), the digital revolution , the legacy of the 'livre d'artiste', illustration, iconography. In short, everything you always wanted to know about the book and that it is now hard to reach.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages5
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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