Dalla cultura dei parvenu alla cultura del capitale sociale. Terzo settore e società civile in Sicilia

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[automatically translated] Using an already prepared questionnaire at the national level, the contribution of the third sector reconstitutes the landscape in the area of Trapani device, highlighting the ability of some of the Ots to promote genuine autonomy of civil society, in spite of one-third of the same is still strong dependence on public funding, and then by the parties that manage the local public administration. The author argues that in Sicily if "the world of social private, on the one hand, the bank has offered a" civic culture of work ", on the other hand has affirmed a culture and practice of the relationship that emerges forcefully from the ravines of Catholic cultural background and secular commitment in favor of the "last" and young people such as "consciousness of tomorrow". A sort of transculture (Catholic and secular-liberal) of the share capital thus able to oppose the mafia culture "(p. 240). The desire to counter the culture of lawlessness by the responsibility and trust the universal model for the management of those spaces of the public sphere ripped the patronage power, some Ots today represent in fact the organized form of social commitment for the same company Sicilian civil.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationIl Terzo Settore nel Mezzogiorno. Comunicazione, strutture e valori”,
Pagesp. 236-p. 248
Publication statusPublished - 2006

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