Dalla bacheca di Facebook alla città. Il primo atto della campagna contro una mostra di Hermann Nitsch

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[automatically translated] Hermann Nitsch is an Austrian artist, considered one of the greatest exponents of Viennese (Wiener Aktionismus). His long career as an artist, the first level in the international scene, he meets Palermo because of an exhibition landed in the city of Buenos Aires, the city where it was canceled after protests. The exhibition was also severely challenged in Palermo from an online petition for its cancellation, held on change.org platform. responsible for the protest was an anonymous citizen outraged by the cruel practices deemed to animals during the artist's performance. The petition reached 70,000 signatures, generating an intermedia debate from below that has progressively marked the citizen speech until you exit out of it and call into question the opinion of experts of art of the Achille Bonito Oliva caliber, national newspapers and journals of national and international stature. The exhibition was then held regularly widening the scenario of confrontation also to the exhibition of "Cultural Shipyards" citizens. The essay is an attempt to analyze the online interactions of this gigantic debate intermedia, in order to explicitly form of confrontation multinaturale (Descola) typical of discourse in the network.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationNuove forme d'interazione: dal web al mobile
Number of pages18
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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