Crash modeling for urban roundabouts:a case study

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In many cities and towns, a large number of intersections are considered sites with promise for safety and operational improvements. Several studies have been carried out in many countries to establish relationships between crashes and flow and non-flow explanatory variables, using statistical tools to investigate factorscritical to road safety. Starting from a brief review of existing information and analysis on the issue, this article summarizes the findings of an exploratory analysis aimed at modeling injury crashes for a sample of urban roundabouts.The methodological path followed in this research allowed to handle issuesassociated with the estimation of a safety performance function, and alsointroduce concerns related to the crash model transferability. At last, results can supply methodological insights that may be useful in the subsequent quantifying of benefits obtainable by engineering measures aimed at enhancing traffic safety in built up areas.
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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