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[automatically translated] The term "Corleone" referring to a specific Cosa Nostra mafia family, is used for the first time officially in the so-called "report of 161 pages", delivered by the investigators in Palermo on July 13, 1982 statement to the Office of the Sicilian capital. In the informative summarizes the initial findings of the investigations conducted by the flying squad and the legion of the Carabinieri of Palermo on the murders that in those weeks bloodying the streets of the city and the province centers; in full mafia war, the report - which bears the signatures of the Commissioner Ninni Cassara, murdered on August 6, 1985, and captain of the Carabinieri Angiolo Pellegrini - accurately describes the articulation of the Cosa Nostra and its distribution in the territory, indicating by name the heads of mafia families and members of the criminal directory. The clash that has bloodied Palermo, the investigators explain, stems from the contrast between a mafia group, moderate and conservative, and another ruthless and rampant led by leaders of the Mafia family Corleone. The "Corleone", precisely. Who, then, the "Corleone" and that is the relationship between the Mafia and the small Sicilian inland center?
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Publication statusPublished - 2004

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