Cooperative sociali, Ambiente e beni confiscati alla mafia

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[automatically translated] In the vast and varied landscape of non-profit organizations engaged in the environmental area of particular interest in the experience carried out by the project Free Terra1 since copes In the vast and varied panorama of nonprofit organizations working in the environmental sector of particular interest the experience carried out through Free Terra1 since the project meets the same time as social and environmental concerns riuscendoal same time to combine them with the commitment to legality. Sponsored by the Free and the Prefecture of Palermo, it led to goodwill of numerous activities related to the use of the land confiscated from the mafia organizations. The production and distribution of organic food, the initiation and management of stables and farms, organization of guided tours, tastings, demonstrations and events, have led to an important social objective: the employment of disadvantaged people. Based on the principles of solidarity and legality of Libera Terra social cooperatives have not only created employment opportunities but have also involved several subjects in the area, making the confiscated property a resource for the development of the entire socio-economic system. Organic farmers of the area have signed production agreements with cooperatives of Libera Terra for good to enhance their products by including them in national distribution circuits. Other agreements have been tight with local craft structures that carry out processing products collected in the fields to make them well adapted to large-scale distribution circuits. It is organized as a network of local productive entities that values environmental goods sharing the spirit of legality and solidarity. The fruits that are collecting in recent years are still the result of a long process that involved several agencies and involved the cooperation of public institutions, the private social and of the civilized world.
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)158-168
Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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