Conversando con Pasolini nel teatro di poesia

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[automatically translated] From the dramatic corpus of Pier Paolo Pasolini and his theoretical writings on the theater and on film theory, it provides an accurate analysis of the "Theatre of poetry" as a cosmetic formulation and poetic parallel to that of the "cinema of poetry." This outlines a dramatic signature project that breaks the prevailing canons of bourgeois realism and that of the proletarian, to make up the myth as original germ and need the theatrics and all representation. This basic option the poetic evolution of language evokes a liturgical function recovered in view of a artaudianamente scene "required" for the foundation and cohesion of every human community. In parallel, however, the poetic language pursues strategies of the second twentieth-century avant-garde, from the '63 group on, and today strutturalismi and post strutturalismi opening to experimental actorial practices. In the final pages are given faithfully some remarkable considerations of Pasolini on the issue of the "theater of poetry", completely new considerations represent a major contribution to more accurately commented by the author of the essay.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationXenia. Scritti per Pietro Carriglio
Publication statusPublished - 2006

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