Contesti relazionali e campi terapeutici: la valutazione delle reti di cura dentro e fuori una comunità terapeutica per pazienti gravi.

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[automatically translated] The work is part of the research perspective on assessment and the scientific study of the clinical work and psychotherapy and is aimed at sharing and exchanging, scientifically trained, procedures, investigative methods and tools of complex dynamical systems, in the direction of improving the quality of clinical (Lambert, Hill, 1994; Horn, Lang, 1998; Roth, Fonagy, 1996; Di Nuovo et al., 1998; Burlingame et al., 2003). It is proposed a working model with serious mental illness, and specifically clinical intervention opportunities the group and the context of therapeutic communities, territorial structures hosting types of patients first institutionalized in psychiatric hospitals, and which are configured today, as places in which it is played significantly to the challenge of taking charge and the formulation of real projects of rehabilitation and reintegration (Pietropolli Charmet, 1998; Pedriali, 1998; Vigorelli, 1994; D'Elia, 1998; Baron, Bellia, 2000) . And 'the central attention to the multi-personal dimension and the Group tool as essential elements of the "care" groups, in various ways and with different areas of application, conceived as places of shared experience, but also as "spaces mental ", spaces for reflection, processing places of what is happening in the inner world and the outer world of the participants in the group. We present some results of empirical observations conducted in three gruppoanalitici groups that are held within a Therapeutic Community for seriously ill patients and some data on the observation of the external relational networks with which the Community works. The instruments used are: the Field of the Style Analysis Code Therapeutic (S.Ca.T Pontalti .; et al., 1998), a semi-structured interview and Symbolic drawing of the Territorial Life Area (DSSVT). The job allows you to highlight some interesting nodes of the operation of the therapeutic project of the community, who, explicitly, at the center of his attention to the report and the creation of communication networks and meaningful exchange within and outside the Community .
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationFASOLO, F; AMBROSIANO, I; CORDIOLI, a;
Number of pages29
Publication statusPublished - 2005

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