Consumo di suolo. Un approccio multidisciplinare ad un tema trasversale

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[automatically translated] The volume reviewed aims to enrich, with multidisciplinary contributions, the debate on a timeless theme - transversely - covers various scientific fields who for various reasons are involved with the causes and by the phenomenon effects, with the hope of a more productive dialogue . The first part, "Consumer Theories", includes theoretical and methodological approaches, while the second part, "Territories of consumption", collects operating contributions, case studies and best practices. The idea of a book that would gather several instances and approaches to the same subject, born in the wake of the results of the study day entitled Soil Consumption and urban redevelopment from Agrigento and its Hinterland, held in May 2012, in Agrigento, organized by the curator of the text. The conference - which saw part with interest even citizenship - was an opportunity to inform and sensitize the public about the international problem which is the consumption of land, based on an analysis of the local situation, marked by its best known and most widespread declension: urban sprawl. The publication, however, is not the mere sum of discussions by the experts of published remote intervened but - National academia of two years - has been enriched by ideas and insights acquired by the same welcoming the reflections of other scholars who have approached to the topic. The quid more and the text strength residing in the declared will of sighting the land issue and its consumption through the multidisciplinary prism, breaking it down,
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Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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