Confraternite, associazioni e movimenti ecclesiali

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[automatically translated] The article contains the results of an ecclesial sull'associazionismo Corleone in its current expressions and manifestations: associations, movements, brotherhoods. More specifically, through a survey of the whole, they identify and describe the essential features - especially in their peculiarities, to determine whether and to what extent the phenomenon is comparable to other areas. They also retrace the events of the last two decades (those closest to the memory of respondents interlocutors) and, in them, the ones that seemed to us the trends and most significant developments but also the incidence of the existing legacies. The information collected to define a first response to the question on dichotomies continuity-discontinuity-fragility and vitality of ecclesial forms of association of Corleone, according to the general objectives of the research project (associations in Corleone) that was part of this contribution. A very significant element is the presence of figures (priests or lay people) with strong charisma, able to attract and engage people in associative activities. Recourse was made to privileged witnesses belonging to the present context: parishes, brotherhoods, associations and ecclesial movements. If we consider the reduced current size of Corleone as a town and as the population (about twelve thousand inhabitants), emerges religious un''offerta 'broad enough Catholic: Corleone is in fact divided into six parishes, all working and each governed by its own pastor. Vivace also the panorama of lay ecclesial associations: Catholic Action, Charismatic Renewal, Neocatechumenal Way, Cursillo, Treinamento de Liderança Crista, Scout of Europe, Franciscan Youth, the Secular Franciscan Order, beyond the 32 brotherhoods. There is also an evangelical Christian community.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationL'associazionismo a Corleone. Un'inchiesta storica e sociologica
Publication statusPublished - 2004

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