Conflitti religiosi al tempo di Galla Placidia e Costanzo. A proposito di Olimpiodoro fr. 15 M

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[automatically translated] The article analyzes some olimpiodorei fragments related to the fight against paganism in the age of Galla Placidia and Constantius III. Bro. 15 Müller of Olympiodorus Stories narrates the destruction of an ancient pagan idol, who protected Sicily by the eruptions of Etna and incursions, by the administrator of the Sicilian heritage of the imperial couple. According to the historian Theban, the demolition of the statue, which had prevented the landing of Alaric's Goths in 410, would have resulted in serious consequences for the island, subject from that time the barbarian invasions and the violent activity of the volcano. The marriage of Constantius and Galla Placida with the reign of the latter had to open a new phase in the fight against paganism. This phenomenon, which is confirmed by the reading of the whirr. 27 and 38 Müller, It enrolled in the particular social and cultural alariciano following the sack of Rome, considered epochal event by pagans and Christians second opposing perspectives. In Sicily this process was supported and carried by the strong Imperial presence on the island, represented by the administration of the estates of Placidia and Constantius. The analysis of fr. 15 also provides new elements of reflection on the work olimpiodorea dating.
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Publication statusPublished - 2010

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