Configurable Low-Cost Plotter Device for Fabrication of Multi-Color Sub-Cellular Scale Microarrays

Giuseppe Domenico Arrabito, Ulrich Marggraf, Muthukumaran Venkatachalapathy, Andreas Neyer, Christian Dopp, Kathrin Schröder, Giuseppe Arrabito, Christian Filips, Leif Dehmelt, Philippe I.H. Bastiaens, Christof M. Niemeyer, Hendrik Schroeder

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We report on the construction and operation of a low-cost plotter for fabricationof microarrays for multiplexed single-cell analyses. The printing head consists ofpolymeric pyramidal pens mounted on a rotation stage installed on an aluminiumframe. This construction enables printing of microarrays onto glass substratesmounted on a tilt stage, controlled by a Lab-View operated user interface. Theplotter can be assembled by typical academic workshops from components of lessthan 15 000 Euro. The functionality of the instrument is demonstrated by printing DNA microarrays on the area of 0.5 squared centimeters using up to three different oligonucleotides.Typical feature sizes are 5 μm diameter with a pitch of 15 μm, leading to densities of up to 10(4) – 10(5) spots/squared millimeters. The fabricated DNA microarrays were used to produce subcellular scale arrays of bioactive epidermal growth factor peptides by means of DNAdirectedimmobilization. The suitability of these biochips for cell biological studies isdemonstrated by specifi c recruitment, concentration and activation of EGF receptorswithin the plasma membrane of adherent living cells. Our work illustrates that thepresented plotter gives access to bio-functionalized arrays usable for fundamentalresearch in cell biology, such as the manipulation of signal pathways in living cells atsubcellular resolution.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2870-2876
Number of pages7
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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