Condizioni per l’incidenza della ricerca didattica nel miglioramento della scuola

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Conditions for didactic research efficacy in refining the schoolThe continuing debate on Evidence Based Education (EBE) reveals how the issue of the growth of teaching knowledge is particularly felt by those involved in empirical research in school. The need is felt to take stock of what in the scientific community is known, with an acceptable certainty, on a given theme, without having to start from the very beginning each time. The question can be formulated in these terms: to what extent and under what conditions it is possible to gather the results of empirical research in schools to derive from them useful indications for the actions of teachers, the teachers that university researchers should get involved in their research? Various situations in which research is carried out in the scholastic reality lead us to consider that, in order to obtain useful information for the improvement of teaching quality actually provided at school, the combination of numerous conditions is indispensable. In this article, only those that most directly depend on the way in which the researcher organizes and assesses a scholastic research are described.
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Title of host publicationAzioni formative e processi valutativi. Scritti in onore di Achille Maria Notti.
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Publication statusPublished - 2018

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