Con Biglietto di andata. raccontare l'emigrazione verso Stati Uniti e Argentina

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Among the countries that have known and still know a large-scale of migratory flows, the Italian example is almost unique in terms of intensity, duration and variety of places of destination, especially in the period between the last four decades of the Nineteenth and the Seventies of the 20th Century, when the phenomenon reached its climax. Among the transoceanic destinations, Italians preferred the United States and Argentina. Our migration has rewritten social history (a history of suffering but also a history of navigation, economy, as well as cultural) due to the strong influences that the Italians have exercised, beyond the Atlantic, on architecture, cinema, gastronomy, literature and music. Like any other emigration, even the Italian one was accompanied by a dense production of literary writings, on both sides of the ocean, which offer us the opportunity to read our history from another point of view.
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PublisherPalermo University Press
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Publication statusPublished - 2020

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