Compressive behavior of short fibrous reinforced concrete members with square cross-section

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In the present paper a mechanical model to predict the compressive response of high strength short concrete columns with square cross-section confined by transverse steel is presented. The model allows one to estimate the equivalent confinement pressures exercised by transverse steel during the loading process taking into account of the interaction of the stirrups with the inner core both in the plane of the stirrups and in the space between two successive stirrups. The lateral pressure distributions at hoop levels are obtained by using a simple model of elastic beam on elastic medium simulating the interaction between stirrups and concrete core, including yielding of steel stirrups and damage of concrete core by means of the variation in the elastic modulus and in the Poisson?s coefficient. Complete stress-strain curves in compression of confined concrete core are obtained considering the variation of the axial forces in the leg of the stirrup during the loading process. The model was compared with some others presented in the literature and it was validated on the basis of the existing experimental data. Finally, it was shown that the model allows one to include the main parameters governing the confinement problems of high strength concrete members such as: - the strength of plain concrete and its brittleness; - the diameter, the pitch and the yielding stress of the stirrups; - the diameter and the yielding stress of longitudinal bars; - the side of the member, etc.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-14
Number of pages14
JournalStructural Engineering and Mechanics
Publication statusPublished - 2011


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