Compensazione Geodetica della rete siciliana UNIPA-NetGeo

Research output: Other contribution


[automatically translated] As is known a positioning service GNSS materializes a reference system and delivers to users operating in geodetic data, products and coordinate the same system estimates. For this reason it is necessary a continuous and accurate estimation of the coordinates, of the permanent stations that make up the network, carried out through appropriate compensation processes. In this regard, given the substantial increase in permanent stations in the Italian territory, the geodetic framework of regional networks should be made in the global reference system, to avoid incurring the considerable coordinate differences estimated between adjacent networks operated by different entities. The present work is within the context of the geodesic compensation of a network of regional permanent stations and the resulting classification in the current global reference system. The network was made up of 19 permanent stations materialized in the territory of the Region of Sicily with the addition of three permanent stations in the network IGS (International GNSS Service), materialized in Cagliari, Matera and Noto, used for the geodetic framework. In particular, the permanent stations used, belong to NetGeo National Network in Sicily of Geotop Ltd. Ancona and nine of them belong to the network of the University of Palermo.
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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