Commento all'art. 111 Cost.

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[automatically translated] SUMMARY: 1. The role of the Constitutional Court in the dynamics of the reform of the "due process": the premise. - 2. The first season: the beginnings of the "due process" in the context of the Court's jurisprudence. - 3. The second season: the constitutional jurisprudence regarding incompatibility of the judge and the founding constitutional keys of "due process" in the time before the reform art. 111 of the Constitution. - 4. The third season: the metabolism of the contents of the "new" art. 111 of the Constitution. In the Court's jurisprudence. The scaffolding of the reform: general profiles. - 5. The principle of equality of the parties. - 6. The impartiality and neutrality of the judge. - 7. The reasonable delay. - 8. The individual rights of the defense: the catalog of art. 111 co. 3 of the Constitution. - 9. The adversarial principle the formation of evidence. - 10. The exceptions to be heard: a) the defendant's consent. - 11, followed by: b) ascertained the impossibility of objective nature. - 12. follows: c) the proven unlawful conduct.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationCodice di procedura penale
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Publication statusPublished - 2012

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Di Chiara, G. (2012). Commento all'art. 111 Cost. In Codice di procedura penale (pp. 25-48). (LE FONTI DEL DIRITTO ITALIANO).