Collaborare per crescere. La cooperazione tra imprese al Nord e al Sud

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[automatically translated] Where spreads a system of cooperative relationships, companies experience a higher economic growth, entering with greater success in the international markets, realize innovations that spread rapidly on the markets. These trends have often been mentioned especially in these years of severe economic crisis and are also confirmed by the RES Foundation 2013 report by Pier Francesco Asso and Emmanuel Pavolini. But what is linked to the propensity of firms to cooperate? Because collaboration is so "difficult" ? There are important regional differences that distinguish firms in the South from those of the North? What are the attitudes to work and the southern Sicilian companies in particular? And what are the results in terms of increased productivity and brightest business performance? The report, which benefited from the contributions of experts and qualified researchers, tries to answer these questions and to show the reasons for the difficulties encountered by businesses. The goal is to combine quantitative measures and to enter into the experience of entrepreneurs to identify what factors - trust, relational, cultural, or more generally political and institutional - help us to shed light on the different propensities to collaborate and to weave networks of relationships . The result is a composite picture in which trust, some constraints related to the experiences and perceptions of entrepreneurs but also the functioning of public authorities affect the propensity of firms to forge collaborations. A framework in which, however, are mostly more open and collaborative businesses that show more obvious signs of vitality and business characteristics very consistent with those operating in the most economically advanced areas.
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