Città e campagna. Le aree di transizione come patrimonio comune

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[automatically translated] Peri-urban agricultural areas constitute "assets of active resources" from which the local government can not ignore. They contribute to forming a landscape complex whose structure is subjected to the pressures of settlement growth and the degradation of urban and metropolitan suburbs. Since areas of margin, they always configure more as a transition landscapes between urban systems and suburban areas of natural interest. It is border places, not only in space and administrative terms but also conceptually, that subvert traditional local construction rules, requiring a reformulation of traditional descriptive categories of urban and regional sciences. Places the opportunity to subtract the logic of the real estate regime, while areas where all the major contradictions of planning activities which, at best, it was limited to the regulation of the construction law. From these brief premises, the volume develops a broader reflection on the issue of peri-urban areas, moving from a critical reading of the components that contribute to the construction of this "third landscape" suburban.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages168
ISBN (Print)9788891718174
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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