Città d'acqua. Risorse culturali e sviluppo urbano nei waterfront. Tavole tematiche

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[automatically translated] Creative cities of the XXI century are bound to be more and more city-node able to connect to global networks: gateway cities protagonists of the first "urban century" of the third millennium. In the competition to quality and dynamism, the city of water have the added value of the waterfront, the portal that the candidate to qualify as catalysts of a new openness of the city and territory with "water", propulsive component of a new dynamic design, catalyst elements of excellence and producer of the new landmark of the urban landscape. The new production dynamics, the interventions of sustainable development and conservation questions of the architectural heritage that now adopt the waterfront areas of the city, They are an important food for thought in a phase in which the theme of regeneration "water city" is opening new opportunities for urban and territorial transformation, acting actively in the production scenario of urban quality. The importance assumed by the urban transformations in the areas of historic waterfront has opened new perspectives, but also new conditions of risk due to human pressures and economic historical armor and identity of the city of water: the search for a balance between the dynamics of transformation and conservation needs has led to the drafting of a project for the tangible and intangible heritage of the Risk map of the historic waterfront of the city of Catania, Messina, Palermo, Siracusa and Trapani, promoted by the Regional Centre for Planning and Restoration of the Sicilian Region and conducted by the "PlanDifferent" research group of the Department City and Territory of the University of Palermo. To achieve the objectives of the project, the research was divided from the production of a comparative framework to some northern European and Mediterranean cities - similar to the local context, type of cultural resources and approaches to the transformation - analyzed and evaluated in order to produce best practices and guidelines for action in the five Sicilian cities covered by the application of the research.
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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