Checklist of gypsophilous vascular flora in Italy

Riccardo Guarino, Angelo Troia, Lorenzo Antonino Gianguzzi, Leonardo Scuderi, Saverio Sciandrello, Salvatore Pasta, Giampiero Ciaschetti, Lina Podda, Leonardo Scuderi, Luciano Di Martino, Orazio Caldarella, Sergio Montanari, Salvatore Pasta, Amedeo Falci, Fabio Conti, Salvatore Brullo, Alessandro Alessandrini, Carmelo Maria Musarella, Antonio Jesús Mendoza-Fernández, Amedeo FalciSalvatore Pasta, Pietro Minissale, Gianluigi Bacchetta, Giovanni Spampinato, Aurelio Manzi, Lorenzo Peruzzi, Juan Francisco Mota, Amedeo Falci, Orazio Caldarella

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Our understanding of the richness and uniqueness of the flora growing on gypsum substrates in Italy has grown significantly since the 19thcentury and, even today, new plant species are still being discovered. However, the plants and plant communities, growing on gypsum substrates in Italy, are still a relatively unknown subject. The main aim of this paper was to elaborate a checklist of the Italian gypsophilous flora, to increase knowledge about this peculiar flora and for which conservation efforts need to be addressed. Through a structured group communication process of experts (application of the Delphi technique), a remarkable number of experienced Italian botanists have joined together to select focal plant species linked to gypsum substrates. From the results obtained, 31 plant species behave as absolute or preferent taxa (gypsophytes and gypsoclines) and form the 'core' Italian gypsophilous flora. The most abundant life forms were chamaephytes and hemicryptophytes, belonging to Poaceae and Brassicaceae; as for chorotypes, the most represented are Mediterranean and narrow endemics. By improving on previously available information about the flora with a clear preference for gypsum in Italy, this undertaking represents an important contribution to the knowledge of a habitat which is today considered a priority for conservation.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)61-82
Number of pages22
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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