Castrobono e i Ventimiglia nel Trecento

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    [automatically translated] The essay is part of a larger history of Castelbuono (Palermo) work, but for the fourteenth century continues to remain unknown for lack of sources, if not for the role played by his vassals, the Counts of Ventimiglia Geraci, in the complex events time policies, now at the service of the Crown now even violent opposition. The essay is part of a longer work on the history of Castelbuono (Palermo), which - two to the lack of sources - is still practically unknown as to as the fourteen century is Concerned, were it not for the role played by the feudatories, the Ventimiglias, earls of Geraci, During the complex events of the time, both working for the Crown and violent opposition in the ones against the others.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2009

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