Casbah + meccano

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The so-called mat-building is studied and analyzed. Canonical examples of this kind of building are seen in comparison with recent buildings and projects in which this idea has cropped up again. Le Corbusier's Hospital of Venice's project, Kimbell Museum by Louis Kahn or the Unità di abitazione orizzontale by Libera are the main examples. The idea is taken up again mainly by the architects of the Team X (Candilis, van Eyck, Hertzberger and mainly Alison and Peter Smythson who also theorized this idea and indeed coined the term mat-building). Recent examples are Morphosis, SANAA Mansila and Tunon. The root of this idea is traced back in the connection between Levi-Strauss anthropology and Aldo van Eyck tehories (mainly expressed within the magazine Forum). It is an important connection between Eastern and Western culture in the field of architecture.
Original languageItalian
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JournalARC 2 CITTÀ
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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