Cartoons di qualità nella prima infanzia. I bambini e la media education

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[automatically translated] Children, early childhood, love and using the media. It is useful, therefore, to educate them in the proper use of media products in order to teach them to understand the language and analyze the content in an autonomous and responsible. The media, while having a greater or lesser susceptibility to certain educational values, are the tools, opportunities, whose significance and whose educational significance depends, in large measure, by the way in which they are used. The school has been entrusted with the important task of promoting in the students the skills they need to become active users and media partners: comes into play media education. Promote Media Education means, therefore, encourage teachers to develop educational and teaching projects, working in the media and with the media, allow every student to learn more about media reality and live in a more exploratory and creative. Among the many media available to children of television today remains the most present in the lives of children. Television directed at children, in recent years, has experienced a season of great change, in line with the process of change that has affected the world of television and more generally around the world of the media. Among the different TV products available the book focuses on the cartoon, most beloved television product and benefited from the small, and the role it plays in the lives of children attending kindergarten, since not all the cartons are suitable or harmless, but it is necessary to make an assessment that goes beyond the technical realization of the media product. The volume is the result of research conducted in the years 2012-2014 in kindergarten. The text indicates, through the study of theories and research on media education have already been completed, which is the ratio of children to kindergarten, television and cartoons. Specifically, the book presents a form for the evaluation of educational quality cartoon characters and shows the path of research carried out with 31 teachers and 310 children in kindergarten.
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Number of pages156
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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NameNEUROPAIDEIA / 4 Didattica, lingue e culture - diretta da Giuseppa Compagno e Floriana Di Gesù E U P

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