Caratterizzazione morfologica e idraulica dei rill rilevati nell'area sperimentale di Masse

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[automatically translated] In the memory are the results of an analysis aimed at the validation environment Umbro models for quantification and morphological characterization of hydraulic rill formations. For this purpose were used the measurements carried out at the experimental station for monitoring erosion at parcel scale in locations Masse (Umbria). Following two erosive events (11-01-2010 and 16-05-2011) which have produced the formation of rill, it was carried out the relief of the morphology (length and cross section) and of the same profile. The Masse database was used, in the first place, for the validation of the power relationship that allows the estimation of the eroded volume (V) from the data of the total length (L) of the channel. The comparison showed a good adaptability of Masse data already validated model for the experimental area of Sparacia (Sicily) and characterized by an exponent of 1.1. It follows that the LV relationship defined for rill in clayey soils typically (Sparacia) can also be effectively used for rill in loamy soils (Masse). Subsequently, it has been validated in the relationship environment Umbro dimensionless proposed by Di Stefano and Iron (2011) and the analysis confirmed the validity of the same for any type of erosion process is that of soil. Furthermore, the analysis was performed by calibrating the hydraulic characteristics of the rill three power equations that express the link between the scope and breadth, the average speed and the tie rod. The results obtained were compared with those obtained for Sparacia (Di Stefano et al. 2010). Finally, it analyzed the contribution of each component (rill and interrill) to total soil loss recorded in the experimental area of Umbria.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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