Cambiamenti della temperatura all'interno della guttaperca indotti dal System B

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[automatically translated] PURPOSE OF THE JOB: The purpose of the research is to evaluate the transmission of heat in the mass of gutta percha induced System B during the wave of condensation technique continues. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A experimental model 'was produced called "split-tooth model". In the resin and dentin were created grooves 3 perpendicular to the long axis of the tooth to 2 mm (point A) and 4 mm (point B) and 6 mm (Point C) from the apex of the element dental incorporated, within of which were 3 thermocouples positioned in chrome-aluminum type K connected to a digital thermometer in direct contact with the gutta percha. There have been 20 fillings with gutta-percha cones are not standardized (Medium), using the System B, set to 200 ° C, 250 ° C and 300 ° C with the plugger FM led to 4mm from the working length. the temperatures reached at intervals for a period of 1sec to 180sec were recorded. RESULTS: The increase of temperature values (AT) registered by setting the System B at 200 ° C show a mean value at point C of 2.1 ° C ± 0.241 ° C, in the B point 1.3 ° C ± 0.355 ° C , at point A 0.6 ° C ± 0.241; at 250 ° C the values are average increase of 2.8 ° C ± 0.76 ° C for the point C, 1.6 ° C ± 0.447 ° C for the point B, ± 0.6 ° C 0,299 ° C to the point A; at 300 ° C the values are average increase of 4.1 ° C ± 0.982 ° C at point C, ± 2.8 ° C 1,041 ° C at point B, of 0.9 ° C ± 0.369 ° C. The statistical analysis proves that the data are normally distributed. CONCLUSION: The diffusion of heat within the mass of gutta-percha in the apical third of a root canal is negligible. Our results show that the use of SystemB,
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Publication statusPublished - 2008

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