Borgese, Jovine e Silone prefatori per il Touring Club Italiano

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[automatically translated] They get to the system three short pieces of etnogeografico guy you have ventured Silone, Jovine and Borgese in the thirties-forties of the twentieth century, conceptualizing and testualizzando the most peculiar characteristics of their region of origin. I will consider the preface that he wrote Borgese Sicily (Italian Touring Club, 1933) and the two prefaces that Silone and Jovine wrote for the Abruzzo and Molise, (Italian Touring Club, 1948). I intend to engage the reasons of these texts in the debate on "orientalization" processes of the Italian Mezzogiorno, meaning orientalization cultural routes of transformation in the category meta-cultural and stereotypical imagery, characterized by backwardness, barbarism, the prevalence of ' natural element and size folk (Said) and thus the construction of the southern regional identity i- based mainly on the rhetorical and literary representations of processes (Moe). Starting from the recognition of the central role that the literary field takes in most of these cultural processes, emerges in fact the key role of rhetorical strategies which we collected almost all of "orientalization processes", phenomena which are by their very nature and therefore textual mostly literary
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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