A'yan Maghribini nel Bilad al-Sham secondo Ibn al-Hanbali e al-Burini (XVI-XVII sec,.)

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[automatically translated] For some time I am interested in the analysis of the role played by 'ulam ...' of the Maghrib in Syria and Damascus in modern and contemporary times from the reading of the sources, especially the biographical dictionaries, and documentation of the Arab-Syrian archive . Sources and documentation represent a fundamental contribution to the study of the system of ties and contacts between Maghrib and Mashriq, and for the study of Islamic history, understood as the story of adjoining areas. The topic is discussed here with reference to the presence of 'ulam ...' ea'y ... No maghribini in Damascus and Aleppo at the time of the Ottoman administration consolidation area as reported by two biographical dictionaries, whose authors, Syrian , they lived in the century. XVI. Syrian authors of biographical dictionaries, They were concerned to highlight the continuity of the human transfer of maghribino science, basing itself on the common feeling of the B system ... bi ¥, without hiding the complex articulation of the world of Islam territories under different dynasties. It is the original scientific work, lacking studies on the subject in the West and being the subject little explored in the same Arab World.
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Publication statusPublished - 2008

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