Au-delà de la frontière. La Charte de Lampedusa, un exemple de récriture des droits contre la logique de l’enfermement

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The paper describes the elaboration of the Charter of Lampedusa. It focuses on the political and geopolitical upheavals of 2014, paying particular attention to the evolving humanitarian-military devices of border management and controls deployed in the Euro-Mediterranean area. Borders are analyzed not only with respect to their function of geographic separation, but also as social, cultural, and economic markers. The objectives and limits of the Charter are explored in light of its capacity to represent an alternative vision against the political, economic, social and cultural predominant model in Europe. It is argued that this model needs to be completely restructured. The alternative vision offered by the Charter of Lampedusa is based on an inclusive and bottom-up conception of human rights, and opposes the instrumentalization of human rights as well as the adoption of a purely humanitarian paradigm.
Original languageFrench
Number of pages13
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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