Attraversamento trasversale Torre dell’Orsa - Aeroporto - Statale - Cinisi

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The area south-east of the airport is rapidly changing. Thetowns of Cinisi and Villagrazia di Carini are welded in acontinuous “urbanized countryside”; in 2001 the subwaygoing from Piraineto to Punta Raisi, with the intermediate“Tonnara Orsa” station, has been opened; the managementcompany of airport Falcone-Borsellino (Gesap) has planneda new south entrance to the airport in the area betweenhighway A29 and the railway line; a shopping mall will bebuilt south-east of the highway interchange of Villagrazia diCarini in locality Bosco Tagliato.The changes taking place and the emerging realities developaround a residual countryside area (about 30 ha) includedbetween the coastline and the slopes of Mount Pecoraro, wherethe SS 113, following the orography, bends in a “U” curveapproaching the highway. The latter continues for a shortdistance in a tunnel which is about 20 m lower than the SS 113.The rock slopes to the sea, emerges at times and, at the twohighway tunnels, creates a hill on which are placed someantennas, where there stood the telegraph of Cinisi. Looking atthe area from above, you can recognize the isolated farmland,marked east-west by the railway and via Sandro Pertini.The project proposes to restore the olive grove and reconfigure the eastern and western margins of the farmlandin order to guarantee continuous open spaces and connect the new entrance to the airport, the shopping mall, and the“Tonnara Orsa” station.
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Title of host publicationCostruire la seconda natura
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

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