Attività di recensione: Notiziario Bibliografico (recensione di A. Morreale, La Vite e il leone. Storia della Bagaria secc. XII-XIX) in «Archivio Storico per la Sicilia Orientale» , annata 2001, fasc. III, Notiziario

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[automatically translated] The review provides an overview of the cornerstones of the story outlined by Anthony Morreale in the book "The Vine and the lion. History of Bagaria buckets. XII-XIX ': the regional scale, the longue durée, which allow you to retrace the steps of the people and the alternation of power from the Punic season and until the dismantling of feudalism with simplicity and evidence. 's The benefit that the author has chosen, while the territory and its transformations, declined in relation to the course of history, become an integral part of the analysis, not mere support of social practices. The settlement systems, the forms of architecture are part and measurement of a story that is appreciated in its process dimension and shuns the drift compilativa, providing clear critical and analytical coordinates scholars.
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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