Attendibilità dei modelli per la valutazione dei moduli elastici delle murature suggeriti dalle norme tecniche

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In this paper the results of an experimental investigation aimed to the assessment of Young moduli, rigidity moduli and other mechanical properties for different types of masonry are shown. The mechanical characteristics predicted by models proposed by some technical codes were compared against experimental data. This study was motivated by the suggestion of the Masonry Standards Joint Committee's (MSJC) code that, while proposing the use of such models, acknowledges the lack of testing in support of their validation. The experimental investigation has included compressive tests on components (blocks and mortar), diagonal compressive tests and ordinary compressive tests (orthogonally to beds joints) on portions of masonry. The details of the experimental campaign and the prediction capacity of the above models, for the types of masonry investigated, are presented.
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JournalIngegneria Sismica
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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