Aspetti metodologici della valutazione ambientale nei processi di VAS

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[automatically translated] The Strategic Environmental Assessment is an evaluation process that intersects different areas: technical-administrative, political, environmental and right of Science of the evaluations. legislative apparatus, however, is absent any reference to the choice of approach to the evaluation, among the many templates provided by the literature of the field, although a careful reading of the content of standards and procedures for inferring some guidance on what should be the basic characteristics of employees in the VAS assessment models, so that they are consistent with the objectives contained in EU legislation and in the Italian one. The goal of integration of environmental considerations in the plan / program-making process, as set out in article 1 of Directive 2001/42 / EC, for example, It implies that the latter should be structured as a continuous learning process, in order to use the results of environmental assessments for iteratively and interactively modify the provisions of the plan until pressure is not "trim" in accordance with the principles of sustainable development . In addition, the need to analyze, predict and assess the impacts on a variety of environmental components (as shown in the contents planned for the Environmental Report) requires that the SEA has adopted a multidimensional approach to evaluation. Given the large number of existing models it is therefore essential to know the classification of the principal methods, and critical elements that need to be addressed in the model training phase, the definition of the criteria and weights and use of data of different nature. These issues will also be dealt with through the presentation of a technique that converts qualitative judgments in cardinal scale (Macbeth) and the organizational principles of hierarchical models (AHP Analytic Hierarchy Process and Analytic Network Process ANP).
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationValutazione Ambientale Strategica e Pianificazione Urbanistica Comunale
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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Napoli, G. (2013). Aspetti metodologici della valutazione ambientale nei processi di VAS. In Valutazione Ambientale Strategica e Pianificazione Urbanistica Comunale (pp. 59-78). (Materiali Fondazione Astengo).