Aspetti e dinamiche Fondo Europeo per la Pesca (FEP)

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[automatically translated] It is approaching the time of the transition of its European fisheries policy 2007-2013, managed according to the rules of the EFF towards new perspectives for 2014-2020. Are already known the guidelines that the Commission intends to propose in terms of objectives, priorities, skills, financial framework to give new impetus to Community policy in the sector, through the European Fund for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). The Commission to this end has already put in place a debate with member states in order to evaluate the programs made in implementing the strategic plans on the basis of the interim results. It 's time, then, to make a check, with particular reference to Sicily, not only of the results achieved so far, but also the logic or rather of the change strategies emerging. The focus is to examine the lived experience now largely under the auspices of the EFF, as well as the compliance of the new guidelines to the pressing needs that the industry poses to the attention of those who have the responsibility of government. It is to address issues crucial to prevent further marginalization of the sector due to an accentuation of employment problems and the aggravation of the economic and financial difficulties of companies, pressed by a clamp constituted by rising operating costs, on the one hand, and conditions objectively critical environmental sustainability on the other. Therefore they require European policy guidelines certainly more satisfying than at present to the particular conditions of the Mediterranean environment and the "operational logic" of entrepreneurs that occupy the entire supply chain, dall'armamento and capture to distribution, processing, marketing, etc. The District of Mazara del Vallo is an interesting observation for the entire Mediterranean area also depending on its experience of cooperation with the riparian countries within a strategic vision that looks to the Mediterranean as an economic-environmental system but as a place where, through fishing and related activities, experiment can solve the problem of social sustainability with regard to cultural and religious.
Original languageItalian
Title of host publicationRapporto annuale sulla pesca e sull'acquacoltura in Sicilia. Limiti e ed opportunità di pesca nelle acque internazionali
Number of pages16
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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