Artificare lo spazio urbano. Lo sguardo “altro” di Danisinni

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While elsewhere in Palermo – like in other Italian or foreign cities – the unachieved stands for a transformation process that has been interrupted, in the neighbourhood of Danisinni the unachieved is the symbol of an existential dimension. Not only from a topographic point of view, but also economically and socially, Danisinni is a world on its own: it is a village inside the city, but also a place on the outskirts, cut off from public transport connections. In recent times, though, projects of urban regeneration have been developed including street-based forms of art (mural graffitis, circus and theatre performances). The paper will analyse these processes of artification by means of different interpretative keys. The neologism “artification”, recently emerged in the philosophical and artistic debate, has several theoretical nuances. It can have a mere decorative value – e.g. mural graffitis – or it can hint to a deeper transformation. Artification can indeed trigger off relational processes and regenerating experiences. In this respect, as it effectively shows how art can acquire an educational value and produce improvement not only in urban areas – as they become more beautiful – but also in the residents’ quality of life, the latter meaning of artification is more significant than the former one. For all these reasons the urban regeneration, triggered in Danisinni and now spreading to neighbouring areas, is as model example. Danisinni’s marginality, I argue in conclusion, has been turned into an “other” perspective on the reassessment of our cities.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)42-44
Number of pages3
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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