Arte e gusto sulle pagine de "L'Arte Decorativa Illustrata", in "teCLa-effemeride", doi: 10.4413/EFFEMERIDE

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[automatically translated] Art and taste on the pages of "The Decorative Arts Illustrated" by Roberta Cinà In the rich and varied landscape of the Sicilian periodical press of the nineteenth century it is reported "The Decorative Arts Illustrated" magazine, published in Palermo from 1888 to 1889, which it is a unique for specialist cutting and wealth of illustrations. Hint, here, to some of the main features of the magazine, which is the subject of an essay currently being published. The poster of '' Decorative Arts Illustrated "well expressed full equality of Applied Arts in the so-called higher, and the new interest in the decorative art and industry, which in the eighties of the nineteenth century, at both national and European, began to result in theoretical reflections, leading, inter alia, the publication of specialized magazines. The first issue of our magazine, in fact, read: "The calendar [...] will only decorative art applied to Industry in various forms ie: plastic, carving, cabinetwork, plafonds, architectural details, decorations of palaces , mosaics, tombstones etc. " Actually had plenty of room even art history, island and beyond, with articles on Giotto, Nicola Pisano, Giacomo Serpotta, which certainly could be of interest to a wider section of the public, but the magazine deprived of a decisive orientation towards the arts sector applied. Be emphasized, however, interest in Serpotta index of renewed criticism of the sculptor luck and attention for the stucco technique; the works of the brilliant artist from Palermo were dedicated six tables, two of which were generated by a collaborator of Basile, Nicholas Giannone, who in the same years illustrating other stucco Serpotta for "Sicily Art and Archaeology", important periodical Palermo. Although published in a print run of only 250 copies, "The Decorative Arts Illustrated" had good spread; in fact he arrived, via the publisher Luigi Mattirolo bookseller, also in Turin, and it is no accident, given the prominent role of Turin in the field of decorative arts and related academic journals. In addition, despite having had a short life, this magazine is also for the wealth of illustrations, an important source of some of the artists whose works are not always copiously documented, also because it connoted by the title of minor arts. This is the case of the managing director, the artist and decorator Joseph Pepe, who with good business intuition entrusted to his paper sketches for funerary monuments and plafonds. Other editors of the magazine (among whose names are those by Gioacchino Di Marzo and Giovan Battista Filippo Basile), refer to the field of decorative arts such as Antonino Caponetti, decorator Palermo resident in Naples; Tito Sheaves, Florentine painter; Giuseppe La Manna; Salvatore Valenti. The latter, which stemmed from his father Joseph the carving skills, had been master of piazzese Salvatore Giarrizzo, where a cabinet, winning exhibition in Messina in 1882, is published by Pepe in the first issue of the magazine in a drawing signed by the author. The image allows you to capture,
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