Architettura e fenomenologia a Palermo

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Andrea Sciascia describes a route that stretches from the Husserl’s phenomenology, through the Enzo Paci’s lesson and contributionsof Ernesto Nathan Rogers and Gregotti , until the architecture of Pasquale Culotta and Giuseppe Leone.After demonstrating, through clues and evidences, which is the link between phenomenology and the reflection of the two Sicilian designers, reasoning is divided in three groups:- The lesson of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Mediterranean myth in contemporary architecture;- The "suspension of judgment" and opposition to the injury of a "concretization misplaced ";- The poetry of the pre-existing environmental and architecture of the modification;For each of these areas, the paper shows how deep and original Culotta and Leone have been able to trace their route in architecturaldesign.The Wright's architecture, as well as being an example in itself, is the gateway to the United States of America , and to an architecture free from prejudice and in which the use of the technique arises from the necessity of the project. The suspension of judgment is strongly directs the proposal phase that the reading of the places,fundamental practice in the learning of Culotta. While the system of pre-existing environmental Rogers is placed in relation to the philosophy of relationism Paci giving a wider meaning to the solution "case by case".
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Title of host publicationEsperienze nel restauro del moderno
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