Architecture for the reception in Lampedusa

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The research and teaching path has been orientated to the knowledge of the places withstrong architectural and landscaped value, affected by the immigration phenomena that more and more define the new architectural and social landscapes of our cities.The Laboratory of Architectural Design of the third year (AY 2011-2012 and 2012-2013) carried out with the graduation projects was aimed at the architectural project for the reception in Lampedusa as a response to the housing problems of migrants who constantly land at the island.This theme related to that of migration, further complicated by the recent continuousmigrations from North Africa, it has been a fundamental aspect to investigate the topic ofmulticulturalism in the island.The choice of the project areas was focused on responding to the reception’s logistics and atthe same time enhancing their high landscape quality; the areas in fact concerned some points along the coast line and the border of the residential zone.The graduation projects in Lampedusa were aimed at responding, through the research topic,to the places’s problems, like physical and compositional fact, and at the same time to the housing problems of the migrants.In the projects we tried to transform and draw the island through punctual elements, useful, necessary to activate relations between history and modernity through the precision, expressedin the clarity and essentiality of the thought.Through the many didactic experiences of the students arises a reflection on the city where the new rules link territory portions and landscapes in a new research project. In this senseLampedusa, place of great social and political value, border land in the Mediterranean basin, will become the place of the welcome, starting from the respect of the culture and the various marginalizations. To the Laboratory of Architectural Design have contributed architects Giovanni Cucchiara, Monica Greco, Paolo Norata, Laura Parrivecchio, Davide Rizzo.
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Publication statusPublished - 2016


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