Approximate Closed-Form Solutions for the Shift Mechanics of Rubber Belt Variators

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The mechanical behavior of V-belt variators during thespeed ratio shift is different from the steady operation as a grossradial motion of the belt is superimposed to the circumferentialmotion. The theoretical analysis involves equilibrium equationssimilar to the steady case, but requires a re-formulation of themass conservation condition making use of the Reynoldstransport theorem. The mathematical model of the belt-pulleycoupling implies the repeated numerical solution of a stronglynon-linear differential system. Nevertheless, an attentiveobservation of the numerical diagrams suggests simple anduseful closed-form approximations for the four possibleworking modes of any pulley, opening/closing, driver/driven,whose validity ranges over most practical cases. The presentanalysis focuses on the development of such simplifiedsolutions, succeeding in an excellent matching with thenumerical plots, and on the comparison of the theory with someexperimental tests on a motorcycle variator, revealing a verygood agreement
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