Approdi e scogli. Le migrazioni internazionali nel Mediterraneo

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[automatically translated] Globalization has increased inequalities between North and South of the already known world in the era of development, thus causing conflicts, resistance, projects against exclusion. International migration in the Mediterranean area can also be read in this light, projects towards a better life and a search for identity and denied rights elsewhere, and not just the result of the imbalances generated capitalist accumulation - which also remains the main problem of the time of globalization. But these movements toward freedom, toward a sought citizenship and not enjoyed, not only know landings in the Mediterranean coasts but also rocks, real (how many shipwrecks and how many died in this escape to freedom!) And symbolic: intolerance, xenophobia, exclusion, exploitation, social control. In Sicily you can observe these phenomena and the work focuses mainly on the employment of immigrants in the greenhouse cultivation sector in the province of Ragusa. Better understand the origin and meaning of international migration can help achieve that universality that we all need and that, denied to immigrants, even silently it restricts our freedoms and our rights.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages146
ISBN (Print)88-8483-091-5
Publication statusPublished - 2002

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