Approccio teorico-sperimentale per l'analisi delle condizioni opertaive di rotatorie urbane non convenizonali.

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[automatically translated] The traditional methods of analysis of roundabout intersections do not allow a reliable assessment of the operating conditions of the traffic in the presence of organizational schemes of the intersection, in which the geometry, together with the multiplicity of traffic situations and the inclusion in bound contexts, induces behaviors driving very distant from those observed in conventional roundabouts. As evidenced interested, in particular, the circular patterns of intersection in urban areas, where they are particularly common and are characterized by geometric-functional requirements often distant from those of its conventional roundabouts. The local constraints and the same structure of the urban network have produced a wide variety of roundabouts schemes unconventional which makes it difficult to propose a unique methodology for interpreting the operating conditions. From these considerations, this article shows the conceptual path followed to analyze the operating conditions of roundabouts unconventional large, for which the models based on the gap-acceptance theory are not directly applicable. In particular, the specificity of the observed situations suggested a theoretical-experimental approach that puts in balance the need for field observations and the need for a general criterion for evaluating the performance. The application to a case study, that is, to a large roundabout installed along an important urban artery, allowed the authors to illustrate how to derive the analytical model of skills through exploratory analysis of the observed data. The results obtained in the analysis provide interesting data to develop the study of roundabouts in highly constrained contexts, for which the infrastructure of the organization specificity compromises the performance evaluation starting from the methods proposed in the literature, ratings on lodging only partially similar to that under exam.
Original languageItalian
Number of pages16
Publication statusPublished - 2008

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