Apparato di sintesi su letto catalitico e separazione di fasi liquido-gas

Research output: Patent


[automatically translated] of synthesizing apparatus of the catalytic bed and of the separation of synthesis products comprising a gaseous phase and two liquid phases, a heavier liquid phase and the other lighter liquid phase, the apparatus comprising - a synthesis module (M1) comprising a the first tube (1) provided at a first end with an opening and closed at a second end by a grid (7), the first tube (1) being adapted to contain inside a catalytic bed (6); - And a separation module (M2) to separate the two liquid phases and the gas phase coming from the synthesis module (M1), comprising a second tube (1 ') disposed adjacent to the second end of the first pipe (1), communicating with it to a first end thereof, and having at a second end a closure element (13) provided with a through hole.
Original languageItalian
Publication statusPublished - 2011

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