Angst und Verzagtheit im <Meier Helmbrecht>. Eine Studie zum Wortschatz der Angst

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The Meier Helmbrecht, written by Wernher der Gärtner between 1250 and 1280, has often been object of study especially with regard to the protagonist’s extreme ambition and the disowning of his own origins and of his family heritage, but it also offers excellent opportunities for linguistic reflexions. Contrary to what is expected in a text, where the main character lives an immoral life and where his family is constantly concerned about his fate, there are few words to express fear or anxiety, but Wernher der Gärtner chooses the words used carefully, highlighting the different ways the characters perceive and reveal these emotions. The study of the vocabulary of fear in this work allows us to further understand the characters and the messages the writer wanted to convey.
Original languageGerman
Number of pages13
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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