Ancora sulla Kelsiane Bibliotheke di Efeso

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[automatically translated] The Library of Celsus at the '' agora tetragonal "Ephesian is one of the most celebrated buildings of the Roman world, even for dell'anastilosi effect of realized faced in the 70s of last century. Despite the accumulated bibliography since the time of the discovery on the whole, the current debate is lively, with the new thread by VM Strocka and certain assessments, partially divergent, archaeologists Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut in Vienna and other scholars of various training, especially in relation with the new acquisitions on the archeology and history of Ephesus, and shows how the monument is suitable to illustrate the complexity of references and implications (of local, regional and imperial) Business evergetica and ' self-representation of the Asia Minor notables. Reviewing the topographical, cultural and social-heroon the library of Celsus and its history, you will put here the emphasis on furniture sculptural forehead - so far treated in a more cursory than other aspects (architectural decoration, sarcophagus, building typology ) - and sull'elogio the customer-recipient, literally put on stage so as to attract the ancient observer (like the modern tourist) toward the front, the focal point of a monumental perspective (and a "discourse") which includes a portion significant of the city center of the capital of Asia.
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JournalMediterraneo Antico
Publication statusPublished - 2012

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