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The Landscape is an extraordinary and powerful source of knowledge and information about places, because it contains the traces of all the transformations that those places have undergone, over time, by nature and man. It has a conceptual nature, even if substantiated by physical elements. It is the synthesis of the observation, description and representation of a place through the exchange between the processes that regulate identity and identification.A place can be represented in many ways and, therefore, can produce more landscapes.The places are transformed and, consequently, the landscapes are also transformed.Therefore, speaking of the uniqueness of the landscape and, even more so, of landscape conservation is an oxymoron.In fact, to obtain such an outcome (conservation!), two circumstances would be necessary: the first, that a place is crystallized in an immutable configuration in time and space; the second, that it is interpreted in a form that does not admit further reading and interpretation.
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Publication statusPublished - 2021

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