Ancora incertezze giurisprudenziali sulle dichiarazioni rese dal collaboratore di giustizia oltre il termine semestrale di redazione del verbale illustrativo

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[automatically translated] Article. 16-quater of the l. February 13, 2001, n. 45 embodies a characterization 'generalized and non-specific, "the concept of usability. The text of paragraph 6 is simply the assertion of a principle, no reflexes in the negative, that is related to the eligibility profiles and relevance of the evidence referred to in art. 194 cpp, while the literal articulation of paragraph 9 introduces a principle of uselessness, referring to the "declarations" made it to the prosecutor and the judicial police. Thus it understood the uselessness, as well as 'partial' in the sense of "subjectively oriented» Jackets draws, caducandoli, the effects of the act to only some of the recipients (persons other than the declarant), also will configure so volatile than individual procedural segments.
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Publication statusPublished - 2004

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